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At Rune NYC, we believe that sustainability means more than just reducing your “carbon footprint”. There are strong opinions on both sides of the “Climate Change” or “Global Warming” arguments. But at Rune NYC, we believe that no matter where you come down on sustainability, common sense tells us that burning billion of barrels of oil each year, while cutting down huge swaths of forests that produce oxygen, and dumping garbage across the planet is obviously not beneficial or sustainable. The Rune Woman understands this intuitively!

The Rune Woman understands that to be good you have to do good! That’s what sustainability means to us at Rune.

- It starts with our employees. All of our products are designed and manufactured right here in the USA, by employees who make a living wage creating American Made quality products by employees who are treated like family.

- It means we treat our customers and our vendors, like we would like to be treated, with respect.

- It means we try to source fabrics and materials that are manufactured in the USA or in factories overseas that pay a living wage to their employees.

- It means we make every effort to only use fabric and materials that are sustainable.

- It means we manufacture our products in our own US factory so that we can control every aspect of our quality; this helps our business be sustainable.

- It means we use the latest technologies to minimize fabric waste and cut to order, so we are not adding to the billons of dollars of dead stock that most companies burn and or dump in a landfill.

- It means we practice “upcycling” in our factory whenever possible. This means, for example, we don’t just dispose of the fabric scraps and cuttings, we try to design innovative products to utilize most of those cuttings and scraps.

- It means we use recycled paper in all of our printed materials, and we recycle ourselves.

- It means we support the local communities where we live and work, and support many charitable organizations like The Orchid Foundation & the Global Fund For Widows

Sustainability- To be Good. you have to do Good!