About Us

Emily Santamore, born Eun Jin Hong, is the Founder and Creative Director of RUNE NYC. She was born in Ulsan, South Korea and adopted to the US at the age of five. Driven by her creativity and passion for drawing, both of which were nurtured from a young age, Emily attended the prestigious Tyler School of Art at Temple University where she completed a BFA in Art History and Fine Arts. Upon graduating, she packed her bags and moved to New York City, destined to start something of her own that would merge her love of art and fashion.

Through Art, people can shape their own identity because Art is not just self-expression; it is also self-creation. For Emily, this belief is what inspires her to create and she hopes she can inspire others to do the same. The Arts for Emily served as a powerful tool for her own healing and expression. “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

Hence RUNE NYC was founded truly out of her own needs. One to create and express herself and two to fill a personal need she encountered while she was pregnant with her son, Parker. She was unable to find a pair of maternity leggings that would stay up and that looked flattering. Emily wanted to create a product that was both functional and affordable. Rune means symbols of divine origin. Emily always finds meaning in everything. Whether it’s an experience, an image, or a coincidence, she feels there is always meaning or a lesson to be learned. RUNE NYC is a way Emily can express herself to create a product that women will love, feel empowered by, and ultimately connect with.

RUNE NYC creates amazing leggings and clothing for every-BODY.

Woman founded, owned and operated

Empowering Every-woman to find their own power comfortably