Women of Rune: Meet Caroline

Women of Rune: Meet Caroline

This is #WomenofRune, our new bi-monthly commitment to featuring working moms who make things happen, lockdown or not.

Meet Caroline (@nomadmummy). Originally from South Africa, she now calls Hoboken home where she raises her 11 and 9-year-old kids. Her kids have grown up here, London, Singapore and South Africa. She works in HR full-time but I also own a bakery called “For Cup Sakes”. When she's not working, she's baking.

What has sheltering in place taught you about motherhood?
A lot. My. Kids are 10 and 9 so they started virtual school straight away and it opened me up to how much they do in their school day and I miss out on. Before, they would come back and I would ask them how school was and they say “fine” and I’d just say “ok, cool.” It’s taught me how little I know about 5th grade math and I know nothing about 3rd grade geography. You think you know more than your children but now I don’t think I do. I have to give them credit and they know a lot more than I think they do.

What’s the first thing you’ll do with your children once the pandemic is over?
My kids finished school and usually after the school year ends, we fly to the UK to see my parents. Obviously, that’s not happening this year so I’d take them away on holiday somewhere.

How do you stay motivated?
I work full time but I’ve also had a bakery. I’ve mostly been baking and it’s not easy being at home all the time. I am used to being at home a lot but I prefer getting out of the house sometimes. I try to get in exercise everyday with my kids as well. We were lucky to get a Peloton and shoes so we challenge each other and have become avid cyclists. We’re hooked on the Peloton.

What advice would you give your younger self?
Don’t do it, haha! Don’t wish to be older, there’s too much responsibility. Have more fun, don’t worry too much. Even now we can worry too much about what might happen but we should enjoy what’s happening right now.

What’s your favorite quarantine outfit?
Sweatpants and workout clothes. My Lululemon and Rune pants I wear them every single day. I’m her biggest legging collector.

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