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Sustainability isn't just a trend at Rune. Here's how we do slow fashion

We built our brand and business on a locally based, sustainably driven platforms where, for the past 8 years, Rune has sourced a wide range of US-based partners and built tight-knit relationships with both East Coast & West Coast based manufacturers. Working with local fabric vendors in the fashion and textile industry is at the core of our mission, where we are constantly sourcing US based companies to work with for manufacturing. We feel that there is a great potential to rebuild our manufacturing platforms here in America and by supporting existing companies we are one step closer to that goal.Though domestic manufacturing exists on a much smaller scale than it did during the industrial era, the mission of our...

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Yes, Mask Acne is a Thing. Here’s How To Prevent It

Face masks have become part of our daily lives. While they’re great when you can’t social distance (and cute designs make them more fun to wear), they aren’t great for your skin. The combination of your breath, makeup and debris rubbing between your skin and the mask can lead to blemishes. This is what dermatologists call "acne mechanica" or mechanical acne and with a few changes, it's pretty easy to minimize. We’ve rounded up a few tips to keep your skin and your mask happy: 1. Change up your masks often. Depending on workplace situations and social distancing options, you might have to wear a mask for the whole workday. Keep a rotating number of masks available. 2. Choose your...

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