Rune NYC is spearheaded by Emily and John Santamore, a brother-sister team whose unique skill sets, strengths and working styles provide the balance necessary for the success of any business.

Emily, founder and creative director of Rune NYC, was born in Ulsan, South Korea and adopted to the US. Driven by her creativity and passion for drawing, both nurtured from a young age, she graduated with a BFA in Art History & Fine Arts from the Tyler School of Art, one of the most prestigious art universities in the United States. After completing her education, she packed her bags and moved to New York City, destined to start something of her own that would merge her love of art and fashion. Over the past 7 years, Emily has continued to expand her knowledge of and interest in the fashion industry, managing sales for major contemporary lines.

As a compliment to Emily’s passion for creativity, design and sales, John has a background in finance and operations, having worked at institutions including AIG and JP Morgan’s Investment Bank, the latter of which he left to join the Rune NYC team full-time in June 2013. After graduating from Temple University in 2004, John, also adopted from Ulsan, South Korea, spent a year exploring his birth country, later returning in August 2010, accompanying Emily for her first trip.

In addition to Korea, both Emily and John have traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, garnering invaluable cross-cultural insight, global experiences and international business connections.


Rune NYC is the product of Emily’s love of design and insight into the fashion world, featuring a line of fashion leggings that would satisfy even the most discerning customer. Emily finds inspiration in her “Rune Girl,” a modern, savvy, adventurous girl who defines her own identity and style. Rune NYC leggings are made from a special fiber called Supplex that contains a 4-way stretch and thickness and is known for its ability to hold its shape and color over time. They fill a niche in the market place for wearable, slimming, fashionable leggings that do not break the bank.

Inspired by Emily’s inner “rocker mom,” Rune NYC’s Collection hit the market in the fall of 2013, with leggings that make her feel great, whether at home in New Jersey with her child or tackling business in bustling Manhattan. “I just wanted to feel empowered and wearing leggings makes me feel like I can take on the world…comfortably!”

Designed, sourced and manufactured entirely in New York City, Rune NYC quickly won the hearts of major retailers following its debut in early 2013.


She is a modern, savvy, adventurous girl who defines her own identity and style. She has a go-getter attitude that makes her successful, but her rebellious nature and eclectic sense of fashion are what make her truly memorable. She rejects the norm, choosing instead to pave her own path and find her own direction, drawing inspiration from the music, books, and places she encounters in her life. You may notice her walking down the street wearing what could easily be described as a “fashion cocktail,” her own effortless combination of pieces from labels to vintage.